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Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes Tutorial

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I have a toddler who loves ice cream cones and cupcakes.  Both of these can be quite messy for someone still figuring out how to feed themselves.  For his second birthday, we thought we would try a combination of the two and he was thrilled!


Here is how to make your own Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes:
 You’ll need a disposable aluminum pan, ice cream cones, cake mix, frosting and sprinkles.
 Take a cone out of your package, and trace the bottom of it 12 times onto your aluminum pan.  Make sure they are evenly spaced.
Cut out each circle using a razor blade. Place an ice cream cone in each hole. Place the aluminum pan on top of a baking sheet.
 Prepare cake mix as directed on box.  Fill a plastic bag with prepared cake batter and cut a hole in one of the bottom corners.  Squeeze cake batter into cones, filling up most of the way.  Be sure not to fill your cone over the edge of the cone or it will overflow when baking.
 Place baking sheet with cones in the oven and bake as directed on box.  Most cupcakes using cake mixes are baked at 350 degrees F for 18-20 minutes.
 Pull baking sheet out of the oven and let cool completely.
Put frosting into a plastic bag, cut off the corner and squeeze on top of cooled cupcake cones.  Top with sprinkles.Looking for other fun birthday party ideas?

Here are some of our favorites:
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  1. says

    These were the favorites of my kids and their classmates all through grade school. Still sent them with one daughter to high school! The cones stand up just great in mini muffin pans. No cutting aluminum pans.

  2. Kahau says

    How do you make the cones stay crispy? I made these but the cones ended up being soggy by the time we ate them :(

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