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25 Favorite Bar Cookie Recipes

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We all have a weakness for treats at our house.  Growing up, Mom would fix a pan of bar cookies (it didn’t matter what kind) and we would sit around the kitchen, telling stories.  Usually we would talk about our day at school, embarrassing moments, boys and anything newsworthy.  The whole time we were slowly cutting away at the entire pan of bar cookies.  So over the years, we have accumulated a lot of funny stories and a lot of recipes for bar cookies.  Here are 25 of our favorites including some gooey and delicious ones we’ve added from our friends.

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  1. says

    This is the greatest collection of food porn of all time! I can just taste the sugar between my teeth :) Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. says

    I need one,two…three, maybe all for breakfast!!! These all look delicious! I’m sure they are…just like the Crock pot ranch pork chops you shared! I did those last week and they are 100% belly rubbin’ good! {That’s the highest rating I can give!}

  3. says

    Hi! Some of those bars look so good! We also love making bars and cookies, but not too many cookie bars, haha. We have several different recipes in our eBook Cookin’ Up Sweet Treats: Cookies, Brownies, and Bars. It has 65+ recipes, 30 of which are bars and brownies. We hope you’ll take a look at some of the featured recipes on our blog. You can find more about it here…

  4. M Gess says

    We are six sisters too! No boys! We are also fans of sweets and love to bake….thanks for more ideas!!

  5. Louise Fucaloro says

    These recipes look delicious. I have printed them in the hopes of trying each one. My family loves desserts and I work as a nurse in a psychiatric hospital. I often bake for my patients and they love the goodies. I am planning some good treats for them now that I’ve seen your recipes.

    I have recently eaten a cake (which is more like a flan) from Senor Taco Restaurant. It’s a tres leches cake. It is phenomenal but I can’t find a recipe with this texture. As I mentioned, it is more like a custard or flan texture and they top it with raspberry sauce. It is to die for! Have any of you every come across a recipe that will render a cake like this? Thanks in advance for your help and thank you again for all the bar cookie recipes. My passion is in the kitchen!


    • Cyd says

      All of the recipes are not ours. When we do a list post we like to highlight other bloggers. But the recipes that are from the Six Sisters are all freezer friendly if put in an airtight container.

  6. Beth Miller says

    Is the drool part of the signup? Great recipes. I am one of 5 sisters and we all do well with baking. Must be the influence of our Mother who loved to bake.

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