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Easy Broiled Asparagus

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This is one of my favorite side dishes! It is so fast and easy that I can set the table while these little guys are cooking.
A bunch of Asparagus
3 Teaspoons of Garlic Salt
1 1/2 Tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Here’s how you do it:
1. Set your oven to Broil.
2. Spread your Aparagus on a Cookie Sheet
3. Shake Garlic salt over Asparagus
4. Drizzle the Olive Oil over the Asparagus
5. With your hands roll the Asparagus so each piece is covered evenly with the oil and salt.
6. Spread your Asparagus on the sheet evenly so that they are not overlapping.
7. Stick in your oven and Broil for about 5 minutes. (I would check at 4 just in case – you don’t want them to burn)
I really didn’t like Asparagus… but I eat these things like candy when they are cooked like this. My husband and picky veggie kids gobble these up every time too! Success!
- Recipe from the one and only… Mom!
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