Snicker’s Bar Easter Train

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This Easter Train is a fun memory we had growing up.  Our Aunt Julie would always make the cutest Easter Train every year.  It's a fun activity to make with your kids.  Then you can eat it or display it!

Items needed for track:
Cardboard 14.5 x 18 inches, then cover with a piece of colored vinyl tablecloth or foil works great, too.  Licorice for track.  I used Red Vines and cut them in half lengthwise so they weren't so bulky.  Track is as wide as the candy bar.

Use decorator frosting to assemble track to the covered cardboard and also to assemble the train.

Frosting: 2 C powdered sugar, 2 to 3 T water.
Mix together and use a cake decorator.

Items needed for engine:
1 full size Snicker's bar
1 snack size Snicker's bar
1 Hershey Kiss
1 Rolo
1 Candy orange slice
2 'Eyes'
Life Savers and M&M's for the wheels

Items needed for 2nd car:
1 full size Snicker's bar
5 chocolate foil eggs
Life Savers and M&M's for the wheels

Items needed for 3rd car:
1 full size Snicker's bar
3 packages of Smarties
Life Savers and M&M's for the wheels

Bunnies and chicks can be added to decorate your train!

Cars are hooked together with a short piece of licorice.

I suggest you build your train while it is on the track.  Have fun!!!

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