Cheap and Easy DIY PVC Pipe Soccer Goal

Our Little girl started soccer this last week and is loving it! My husband wanted her to be able to practice at home so he decided to make a soccer goal for her. It was so easy to make and cost way less than any other soccer goal we could find. Here is how he did it!

To make the soccer goal he went to Home Depot and bought:
– 2 of the 10 foot long Schedule 40 PVC pipes at 3/4 inches wide
–  6 of the Schedule 40, 90 degree pieces

– 4 Schedule 40 PVC Tees

You need to cut the 10 foot pipes into the following measurements:

– 4 pieces cut to 6 inches long
– 4 pieces cut to 18 inches long
– 2 pieces cut into 24 inches long
– 2 pieces cut into 31 inches long (you might need to shorten this just a tad with a saw)
One reason I LOVE Home Depot is because they will cut things for free if you ask them! My husband cut it himself with a hand saw because he had to figure out the measurements. Either way is really easy.
Then you just have to put it together. He made the bottom first then worked up. Add the diagonal 31″ pipe last. Depending on your quality of pipe 31″ might be a little long. So just shorten it to what will work.

Different Angle…

We didn’t glue it together because it was so sturdy we felt we didn’t need to.
The Net:
So I wanted some type of net for our Goal so I went to Walmart and purchased a Net Material for 98 Cents a yard. I bought 2 yards and it was plenty. Then I bought Zip Ties (also from walmart) to put my net on.
Soccer Goal total: $10
Net total: $3
I was thrilled we made it all for $13!  We are making another one next week! :)
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  4. says

    Has anyone taken on the thought of enlargement of this plan. Our “little” soccer player is growing and we have a large enough yard…don’t need a regulation adult size or anything but need something bigger than this. Help!

  5. Beth P says

    We decided we wanted to make a soccer goal for our kids, and when I googled instructions for a PVC pipe soccer goal, this came up. It worked perfectly! We went to The Home Depot and cut and bought enough PVC pipe to make two goals. We had an old hammock we weren’t using that we cut up to use for the net. It came to about $18 for two! Thanks for the instructions!

  6. Stephanie says

    Thanks for this post. Last year we bought a collapsible net for soccer, football, and golf practice and spent a ton. Less than a year later the poles of the net have been destroyed. I was looking for a way to build an inexpensive, sturdy frame for our existing net and this is perfect. My sons will be thrilled that we can fix their net.

  7. Nicole says

    So, we made one last week. I went to Walmart and purchased the same exact red netting as shown in the pictures above. We also used zipties to secure the netting to the posts. It worked great for all of 15 minutes! Every time my son would kick a goal, the ball would barely hit the netting and it would rip. Didnt even last the 30 minutes that it took to put it together. Not very happy!!!!

    I suggest for everyone not to try this netting!

  8. Tiffany says

    We made this on a larger scale with 2″ PVC pipes last summer. I hadn’t caught the part about the cheap Walmart net, so ours is Florida Nets from Amazon. I left it outside the entire year and it has held up great. We are getting great use out of it too. Thanks for the idea!

    I am now planning a PVC pipe ball pit and would like to try the netting you got at Walmart if you think it will hold up for a ball pit w a bunch of active boys in it. Is it in with the fabric bolts?

  9. Andrew S. says

    I build this for my son he loves it. We the net fabric ripped apart on us thought. I found some net for pretty cheap on We cut the net to the right size and just put the pipes through the holes. It holds very securely and no need for cable ties to hold it on!

  10. Gina says

    Love it! My son made one very similar…. We purchased a roll or Deer Stop at Menards for the netting. It was under $5.00 for the netting and I can make lots of other fun stuff with the leftovers. Next on the list is a PVC ball bin (with leftover netting) for all the basketballs, soccer, football & other misc. balls.

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