Get Organized!

I love starting a fresh, new year!  It is such a good time to reevaluate everything and commit to being better.  One way I start my new year off right is with some major organizing!
 Here are a few ways to help you organize in 2012:
 Here are some ideas for daily chores.  It only takes 30 minutes a day to have a clean house!  You could hang this on your fridge to remind you what needs to be done that day.
 This chart gives you one big project a month to clean.  A lot of these go unnoticed until they are filthy and covered in dust!
Organizing can be expensive, but check out these tips to cheaply organize your home in 31 days!
I love this menu board.  This would be a great way to plan your meals for the week!
Using these soda racks in your pantry or storage room can help organize canned goods!
This DIY PVC bin organizer would make any garage look a lot better and would give easier access to your stuff!
This numbered cubby system would give kids plenty of space to put their shoes, backpacks and other items!
Attaching shelves to the inside of cupboard doors gives plenty of room for all of your smaller items!
Hope these few ideas help you in your organizing this year!  If you have any ideas on organizing on a budget, we would love to hear them!
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  1. Great post ladies! Happy New Year! I just shared a post with 12 easy ideas for organizing projects in January...none of them require painting a room or big purchases, and most can be done in a few hours! Here is the link if you would like to see:
    Angie xo

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