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Orange Fluff Jello Salad Recipe

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Every Sunday, our Mom would make some sort of jello as a side dish to our delicious dinner.  It was usually my favorite part of the meal!  This recipe was one of our favorites growing up, and now my little family eats it right up.  Plus, it makes a lot so it is a great side dish for parties or big dinners!

This dish is tasty enough to be a side dish or dessert!
Orange Fluff Jello Salad Recipe:
1 large package Cook and Serve vanilla pudding (4.6 ounces)
1 large package orange jell-o (6 ounces)
2 cups water
1 16 oz Cool-Whip (lite or fat-free is fine)
1/2 bag mini marshmallows
20 ounce can pineapple tidbits (drained)
22 ounces mandarin oranges (drained)
2 to 3  bananas, sliced (Optional, put in before serving so they don’t turn brown in the fridge)
Mix together pudding, Jell-o, and water over medium heat until it boils. Remove from heat and pour into a large mixing bowl. Refrigerate until mixture has thickened (about an hour). Beat until creamy. Fold in Cool Whip, marshmallows, and fruit. Chill about an hour before serving.
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  1. says

    Wow! So coincidental that you should post the Orange Fluff Jello salad. I made something very similar to this but used orange sherbet as an added ingredient,mandarin oranges,pineapple tidbits, and maraschino cherries.I am falling in love all over again with these kinds of salads. I remember as a youth enjoying salads like this from buffet type restaurants and thought they were the best thing on the menu. I cannot go without serving one to my guests now. Thanks for posting this!~

    • Mary says

      I made this just as it said to and this dessert was just to die for. I got a lot of raves about it. It’s light and cool and just delightful. This recipe is a *Keeper*! Thank you Six Sisiters for sharing! :-D

    • LaDonna says

      Yes that’s called Watergate salad and it has nuts in it, I think pecans. That’s my very favorite. But this one is good