12 Days of Christmas Traditions: Year of Memories with Wayward Girls’ Crafts

-12 Days of Christmas Traditions-
Day 9: Wayward Girls’ Crafts
“Year of Memories”
We are so excited to have the sisters from Wayward Girls’ Crafts here today. We have been blogging friends for a while now- something about the fact that we are sister bloggers brings us together. :) Take it away, Wayward Sisters!

Hi! I’m Jordan. I’m the oldest of four sisters, and along with our mom, we blog at Wayward Girls’ Crafts. We all love a little bit of everything, and we do all kinds of crafts on our blog. Personally, I enjoy crafting, knitting, writing (hey, it’s a craft—and my first novel is being published in 2013!), and having sewn. (The process itself, not so much.) As if that wasn’t enough to keep me busy, I spend most of my time doing the wife-and-mother-of-three gig.

Our mom is all about family traditions, so we have quite a few, especially around Christmastime. One of our most unique family traditions began a little more recently.  (We love to share this tradition: Jasmine blogged about it on WGC and I mentioned it in a guest post on holding onto the magic at The Power of Moms.)

Wait for it. . . .

Wait for it. . . . . . . . . . . . .


What? You’re not impressed? Oh yeah—it’s what’s inside that counts (and it’s not candy).

A few years ago, my mother took this empty Werther’s tin and collected the  little scraps of paper that marked how we spent our year together.  On New Year’s Day, before the movie and cousins’ game night at Grandma’s (other traditions), the  family gathers in our living room, and we pass the tin around. We each draw  out a scrap of paper: a receipt. A program. A ticket stub. A  napkin.

Sometimes there’s a handwritten note: “eating out to celebrate  Dad’s raise.” “Jordan and the kids were here.” “It was terrible!” Other  times, the meaning and the memories are obvious. We share what we found and we remember the good times—and sometimes the bad—we shared throughout the year, and we go around the circle until the tin is empty.

Here are a few things from this year, including a birthday dinner for Brooke and her husband (her birthday is the day after his). There’s a ticket stub for Harry Potter. I’m sure we’ll reminisce how my son was thrilled at riding on the  waves at the prow of the boat on our dolphin tour—especially when a huge wave soaked the whole ship.

Deeper in the tin, maybe we’ll find a receipt for a week’s worth of  groceries from a Food Lion (that’s a grocery store) at the beach and remember what we each made  for dinners at the beach house. They might even have a receipt from the so-so Calabash style seafood  restaurant, or a goat with a wedding veil or top hat, the topper to my  parents’ surprise 30th anniversary party cake (another fun story).

After the tin is empty, we turn to the envelope at the very bottom labeled 2011. Inside are cards we made out a year ago with predictions for what would come in 2011 for each member of the family. (Well, except for me, because after writing them down and losing them twice, I gave up on getting them back to my mom.) We read off our predictions—this year will include last New Year’s guesses on when Brooke’s baby would be born, weight, gender, name, etc.—and write out new ones, like “PB will learn to walk at the age of X months” or “Jasmine will get married.” (We predict this every year. She hates it, but one of these times, we’re totally going to nail it.)

Even though half of us girls probably won’t be there for this ceremony, we’ll be there in spirit (or on Skype)  as they reminisce about the fun times we’ve spent together as a family.

We have lots of other Christmas traditions, like a felt advent calendar:

decorating cookies (Harry Potter themed ones shown here):

But the best part of any of these crafts—and all our other Christmas traditions—is doing them together.

Ironically, I’m not in this picture, but we can pretend Jasmine’s friend is me.
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