12 Days of Christmas Traditions: Candy Sled Races

-12 days of Christmas Traditions-
Day 8: Kristen“Candy Sled Races”
Hi there! My name is Kristen Hills and I am the second sister in this group of girls. My husband is currently in his second year of Medical School at ATSU. We live in the tiny town of Kirskville, Missouri and we Love it here! We have two little girls: Addison who is 4 and Ensley who is 20 months. ATSU is awesome because during your 3rd and 4th years of medical school you get to move. So we are headed to the beautiful Logan, UT in the June! YEAH!
We are staying here in Missouri for Christmas so I have started to find fun traditions that we could do as our own little family. One we did growing up was Candy Sled Racing. This was my favorite activity to do during the annual Christmas party. It can be done in a big group or a little group. So to kick-off the Christmas season, we decided to make them and a race them for Family Night.
Here are the things you need:
1. A candy bar that is pretty flat on the bottom for each sled- get a different kind of candy bar for each sled and then let each team choose which candy bar they will use.
2. A roll of tape for each sled. I used scotch tape, but if you are doing this with a big group there is cheap tape at the dollar store.
3. 2 candy canes per sled.
4. Any other candy you think would be fun to add to your sled. I used a chocolate Santa so we could have a rider on the sled. I also used mint discs, small snickers bars, and candy corns. Many years we also used popsicle sticks for the bottom of the sled make it faster.
5. Make sure whatever you do decide to use that you have the same for each sled/team (except the large main candy bar) so that there will be no complaints or fights. :)
I put all the items for the sleds in a brown paper bag. Then we split into teams. Ammon and Addy on one team and Ensley and myself on the other. Once we took our bag with the sled materials, the clock started and we had 10 minutes to complete our sleds.
(When we would play this at large family parties we would split up into families).
Here are the completed sleds:
You can use whatever you want for the track. We used a big cardboard TV box as a ramp and raced them down it (sometimes my family would use a long piece of wood) . When playing with a bigger group we would have heats and have 2 sleds go at a time. Then once a sled would lose it would be out and the winner would move on to the winner’s bracket. This was always my husband’s favorite game.
You can have prizes for the best sled, the fastest sled, and for the slowest sled. Make it fun and be creative!
Merry Christmas!

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