How to cook a Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey

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Pin ItLet’s be honest, cooking a turkey can be intimidating. I decided that I needed to practice before the big day so I cooked a turkey a couple of weeks ago.
My friend recommended this website:How To Cook A Thanksgiving Turkey.It is awesome! It helped me so much! I tried cooking a turkey by myself last year and I’m embarrassed to admit that it didn’t turn out so well.

This site teaches you how to cook a turkey perfectly. You don’t want it undercooked or you will make your guests sick, but you also don’t want to overcook it and make your guests have to gag down the dry turkey. My turkey was so juicy that it practically fell off of the bones!

This picture is from their website – Mine did not look that good. Ha ha!

I only have a few suggestions to people cooking a turkey for the first time….

1. Make sure your turkey is completely thawed. (Mine had to stay in there almost an hour longer because it wasn’t completely thawed)

2. Use a thermometer. It will make all the difference! The first time I cooked a turkey I didn’t use one and I had a turkey that was half alive. :)

3. Be safe and have a WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING!!!
Happy Cooking!

P.S. Do you have any turkey horror stories? We would love to hear them!

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    I have no turkey horror stories. But I will always recommend putting your turkey in a brine solution for 24 hours before cooking. My dad started about 12 years ago doing that and will never cook a turkey any other way, keeps the turkey very moist!

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    The first time I made a turkey, I didn’t realize I had gotten it frozen…the day I was planning on cooking it. I was brand new to cooking, but I had envisioned making a “Norman Rockwell” dinner for my friends. The turkey was barely cooked when my friends came. Even worse, we left the half-cooked beast on the counter and our dog dragged it all over the house where it ended up by the front door. At least they were good friends and we had a good laugh!

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