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Easy Infinity Scarf Tutorial

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I’ve seen so many cute scarves this season, and decided to make my own.
I had a piece of leftover chiffon material and went to work to make myself a quick, easy infinity scarf!
 Here is how:
Step 1:  Lay out your material on a flat surface.  My material was chiffon and it measured about 18″ x 4′, but you could experiment with different widths, lengths and materials!
Step 2:  Fold your material in half and line up the raw edges.
Step 3: Sew the raw edges together.
Step 4:  Turn your scarf inside out so the frayed edges are on the inside.
Step 5:  Lay out the scarf with the seam facing up in the center.
Step 6: Fold the scarf in half lengthwise so the frayed edges line up at the top.
Step 7: Sew the frayed edges on the top together.  I used a straight stitch to attach them, and then a zigzag stitch over the edge so it wouldn’t fray.
Step 8:  Turn the scarf inside out again, so the top edge you just sewed is on the inside.
Now, you’re done! You can wrap the scarf or tie it in a clever way! The perfect accessory to any outfit . . . made with a piece of scrap material! :)

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  1. Anonymous says

    thank you! i have a nice piece of material that i bought quite a while ago to make a scarf, and never got to it. this one looks alot easier than the original one, so i think i’ll use it to make this scarf!!!

    • says

      You sew the frayed edges on the top together and then turn the scarf inside out again, so the top edge you just sewed is on the inside… but then you have one end left that is not sewed and you don’t yet have a circle yet, right? Confused on how it becomes a complete circle…

    • says

      Starting in Step 6 it says to fold the scarf in half so the frayed edges are lined up. In Step 7 you sew those frayed edges together (that makes it a circle). In Step 8, it says to turn it inside out so that part you sewed is on the inside. Hope that helps!

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