Big Bow Fleece No-Sew Ear Warmer Tutorial and Printable Template

The weather is now FREEZING cold here (I swear just a couple of days ago it was still sunny and warm . . .  now everything is covered in a layer of frost!) and it’s time to start the winter projects! First up is this darling fleece ear warmer. I have seen a couple of these floating around the blog world, but have not been able to find a template that I could print off . . . so, we made our own and wanted to share it with you!
 The inspiration for this ear warmer came from Delia Creates. She is so incredibly talented and has darling ideas for lots of other ear warmers, so head over there and check her out!
All right, let’s get started!
The first thing that you are going to want to do is print off the following three templates:
 This first template is for the piece that wraps around your head. You are going to want to print this one off twice. Tape all the pieces together so that you have one long strip. (Also, the best way to print this template off is to copy and paste each template into a Word document and then size it to fit on an 8.5″x11″ piece of paper. The words might be blurry from stretching it out that bag, but it doesn’t mess up your template in any way.)
 This is the template for the large bow. It also didn’t fit on just one piece of paper, so you will have to tape this one together too.
This last template is for the smaller bow piece that sits on top of the large bow. You don’t have to do the double-layer bow, but I promise that it looks cute!
For this project, you are going to need:
-1/8 yard of fleece (I bought a 1/4 yard and was able to make 2)
-Needle and thread (optional)
-Glue Gun
For my ear-warmer, I chose to sew around the edge, sew my button on, and sew my bow on. However, YOU DON’T HAVE TO. You could totally make this with just a glue gun. It’s up to you!
Step 1: Cut out all your templates and trace shapes onto fleece material. Cut out all shapes.
Step 2: This is actually totally optional . . . pin and sew the edges of your head wrap. Fleece is such a great material because the edges don’t fray, but if you prefer a cleaner looking edge, sew around it. I did see on this blog that she made some without sewing around the edges and they turned out darling!
(After sewing around the edges, I noticed that some parts of my head wrap were kind of “wavy”. When I attached the button, I just made sure that it fit nice and snug on my head and it smoothed all the waves out.)
 Step 3: Bust out your glue gun and glue together your bows. I just used a tiny dot of glue to bring both ends of the bow pieces together and glued them in the exact center of the back of the bow.
Do you love all the lovely glue strings hanging from my glue gun? Ha ha! Gross.
Step 4: Using a tiny dot of glue, attach the smaller bow to the larger bow.
Step 5: Put a tiny dot of glue (you’ll notice that I am not using much glue . . . you don’t want your bow to have a “crunchy glue spot”) right in the middle of the small bow and lay the middle piece down on top of it.
Step 6: Wrap the two ends of that middle piece around to the back of the bow and glue it down. Cut off any excess material.
Step 7: Attach your bow to your head wrap. I kind of wrapped my head wrap around my head and looked in the mirror to see where I wanted my bow to be . . . and then drew a tiny dot with my marker so that I would remember where to put it. I put a small amount of hot glue on the back middle part of the bow to stick it on . . .
 Step 8: . . . and then tacked down the four corners of the bow with needle and thread so that it wasn’t going anywhere (this is the back of my head wrap- you can kind of see where I sewed the four corners of the bow with my needle and thread). You could definitely just use hot glue to attach the corners of the bow.
Step 9: Now you need to measure how tight you want it to be and where to attach your button. As I mentioned before, you will want this to fit “snug” so that you don’t have wavy edges. I wrapped it around my head and drew two little dots so that I would know where I want the wrap to overlap.
Step 10: Now attach your button onto one of those dots and then cut a small slit for the button to fit through on the other dot. I sewed my button on, but if you wanted to, you could glue the button on.
And there you have it! You are good to go!
 Don’t mind the tired eyes or the fact that I am in my PJ’s . . . the only time to work on projects are after the kids go to bed! And by that time, I am totally ready for bed myself! Ha ha!
Once you finish this one, you are going to want to get started on another and I promise that you will whip out the next one in no time! And since fleece is so inexpensive, I am thinking that this would be a great Christmas gift for friends and/or family . . .
**Side note to my sisters . . . act surprised when you get one of these on Christmas morning!

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    Pinning advice: instead of pinning with the vertical direction of the stitch, pin it horizontal instead. Then you can sew right over the pin while it continues to hold your fabric in place, and you can remove the pins after the sewing is done. This would easily help prevent the wavy edges you were talking about. I learned this way back in home economics a thousand years ago.

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