Wood Creations Halloween Gravestone Tutorial

We are SO EXCITED to introduce you to one of our new sponsors!  Wood Creations is Northern Utah’s premier all wood craft store. Specializing in take-and-make crafts, shelves, picture frames, vinyl, and craft supplies.  We went in to take a look at their selection and fell in love!  They have so many great crafts and ideas for inspiration.  We previously posted a tutorial on how to finish their wood candy corn  and thought we would show you a few more of their Halloween projects that are available.

 Here are the steps to finish this cute Halloween gravestone:
Here is what it looks like when it was purchased.  This item only costs $6.99!
Step 1:  Using acrylic paint, I painted the gravestone, bat and ghost.  I used a sponge brush for the base of each piece, then dabbed a bristled brush in white paint and smudged it around the edges of the gravestone.  I used the tip of an unsharpened pencil for the eyes.
Step 2:  Using a medium grit sand paper, I sanded the edges of each piece. 
Step 3:  I printed off the letters “R, I, P” onto scrapbook paper, cut them out and mod podged them onto the front of the gravestone.  I covered the whole front of the gravestone using mod podge and a sponge brush.
You can copy and paste this template into Word and re-size it to your liking, then print it out onto the colored paper of your choosing.
Step 4:  Use tacky or wood glue to attach the bat and ghost to the gravestone.  Let dry.
And there you have it!  The hardest part was waiting for the paint to dry!
Be sure to go into Wood Creations and see their huge selection of Halloween and fall wood crafts!
(They already have their Christmas projects out on the shelves.  Get em’ while they’re hot!)

You can see a lot of their crafts on their Facebook Page and their Website.
You can contact them through email at

info@woodcreationsutah.com or call them at 801-731-0788.
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    Hi Anonymous! Right now, they are not offering an option to purchase online, but in the next few weeks, we are actually going to be selling wood craft projects on our blog . . . so you can buy these cute crafts RIGHT HERE! :) Stay tuned!

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