Halloween Burlap Rag Wreath and Bow Tutorial

 I have been looking for a fun Halloween wreath to make and saw a couple similar to this on Pinterest and Etsy, but I was never able to find a tutorial. So, I made my own! :) I made this huge wreath in about 2 hours for less than $10. Even if you don’t feel like you are very crafty, you can totally make this wreath. All you have to be able to do is tie a knot.
 Here is what you need to get started:
-wire wreath form 
(mine is a 20″ form- it was $3.99 at Hobby Lobby. I think that it would look cute in a smaller size too!)
-1.5 yards of burlap 
(you really could do any color- I used the entire yard and a half!)
Cut up your burlap in strips that are about 1″x7″. They don’t need to be perfect (as you can see!).
Start tying your knots! No need to do a double knot . . .
**Side note: The burlap is super stringy and will shed like crazy . . .
 Keep on tying! I really had no rhyme or reason to my tying . . . I just wanted it to be really full, so I would tie a lot of knots and then push them together.
 You might want to pop in a good movie . . . you are going to be here for a little while!
Just keep going!
Finally done!
Check out the mess this left on my carpet . . . I think that if I use burlap again, I would do it on a surface that I could sweep! :) Those orange fuzzies were everywhere!
 Now for the bow . . . I found a fun mesh wire ribbon at the craft store. You really could use any kind of ribbon, but the stiffer the ribbon, the easier it will be to make a bow.
This is kind of a “cheater” bow . . . I cut a piece of ribbon that was about 22″ long. I made a big circle and overlapped the ends about 2-3 inches.
 “Scrunch” the circle all together in the center with your fingers, making a bow shape.
 Tie the middle tightly with a piece of craft wire.
Now cut another piece of ribbon that is about 14″ long. “Scrunch” the middle of the piece of ribbon with the middle of your bow shape and tie them together with a piece of wire.
Trim your edges and you have a perfect bow! The great thing about this wired ribbon is you can shape it to look good. :)
To hide the wire in the middle of the bow, cut another piece of ribbon that is about 8 inches long. Tie a knot in the middle of it.
Glue that knot over the wire on the middle of the bow. Wrap the ends of the ribbon around to the back of the bow, trim them down so they aren’t so long, and glue them to the back (let me know if you have questions on this step- I forgot to take a picture of how it looks!).

Glue your bow anywhere on the wreath and ta-da! You are finished!krissignature-001_2_2[1][1][1]

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  1. says

    Love this tying method! I haven’t come across that before. I am obsessed with burlap right now so I will probably be making one of these with regular burlap.

    I also just bought orange burlap from hobby lobby yesterday and am almost finished my halloween sign.

    I’m following you guys now…definitely going to have to try out some of your recipes :)


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