Easy Kids Crafts: Halloween 2×4" Wood Block- Mummy, Pumpkin, and Frankenstein

Need a fun Halloween craft to make with your kids? This is simple, fun, and very inexpensive! My friend Deidre made these and I decided that my little girl Addy could make these with me. They are super easy!
I just went to Home Depot and had them cut me 3 pieces of a 2X4 piece of wood.
-Cut one 6 inches tall
-Cut one 5 inches tall
-Cut one 4 inches tall
Then we just sanded the 3 pieces and painted them: one green for Frank, one orange for the pumpkin, and one cream for the mummy.
Frankenstein – 6 inch block
Addy painted Frank green all by herself – I helped a little bit with the outline of his hair. We let him dry and then I drilled some holes for the screws then hot glued them on his neck. Then Addy finished by sticking on his eyes and painting a nose and mouth

Pumpkin – 4 inch block
I painted him orange but Addy helped a bit with his black lines. :) She glued on his googly eyes and helped with his green ribbon. (Sorry- I forgot to take a picture of the pumpkin by himself!)

Mummy – 5 inch block
First paint the mummy with cream paint. Then get a cream piece of material that is 2″x 20″ long. Wrap it around your mummy to see what you want it to look like. Make sure you leave a little opening for his eyes. Once you get the material in place, glue gun it down. Make sure you start and end your material on the back of the mummy so the ends don’t show on the front of him.Addy LOVED making this with me and is now proudly displaying it in her room. She was so excited to have Halloween decor that she made.krissignature-001_2_2[1][1][1]
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