To Be or Not to Be…… Prepared

I just want to share a story.
At 4:30 am someone was pounding on our door. When the pounding and ringing of the doorbell didn’t stop… I sent my husband Ammon to get the door. There in his uniform stood a SWAT member with his gun that was almost as tall as I was. He told us we needed to leave our house, be quiet, and try not to turn on the lights. He did give us an option of staying but to take everyone to the very back of the house. We chose that option for about 30 minutes… but keeping an 18 month old and a 4 year old quiet when they are tired just wasn’t happening so we decided to leave. As Ammon was walking outside to the back the SWAT members surrounded him. He came back in saying that we could leave but we weren’t allowed to take the car. So we each took a little girl and ran through our backyard cutting across lawns in our pajamas. The SWAT team followed close behind until we were out of range. My good friend Melissa came and picked us up and took us back to her house. (I really do owe you one!)

I’m still finding things out about what really happened. The SWAT man didn’t tell us much. My first thought was… Is there a bomb… is our house going to blow….Is this the last time I will be in my house. It was scary. It was also scary running through the lawn. I just kept praying the whole time that nothing would happen to us.

We were finally able to come back home around 10:30am or so. I later found out that there was a man hiding in the church (it is right across from our house) because 2 men that had guns were in there where trying to shoot him. I’m still not sure what is all true… all I know was that I was not prepared today and it really was a wake up call.

As I was talking with my Friend Melissa… we talked a lot about 72 hour kits. I kind of have one… but I don’t have in it what I would really need if something were to happen.
For example some things I could have used today…..

Diapers and wipes

Clothes for both children and myself

Jackets or clothes appropriate for the season(It was chilly this morning!)

If I didn’t have a place to go… I would definitely need food. And not just any food. Food that my kids will actually eat!

And Money! My Dad always kept money in our 72 hour kits. I have cash that is for emergencies… but it is not in an easy to get to place.

I live in a tiny tiny town. The last thing on my mind was that something like that was going to happen. But it did. Today, I had some time to try and gather some things before we left the house but if something big were to happen, I would not have been prepared at all! My wonderful sister Elyse posted about her 72 hour kits in the tab Emergency Preparedness. I am excited to finally get mine organized and I’m also adding a few things that will meet my own needs! Thanks for reading and go do your 72 hour kits! :)ha ha

(And that picture is really what they looked like along the house. They were also hiding everywhere in the yard and the neighbors yard! It was a crazy day!)

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    Oh my goodness, I had to re-tell the story to my husband because I kept saying, ‘oh my gosh’ out loud. That is really scary. I’m glad you guys were okay. That really does put things into perspective though. I need to get our 72-hour kits updated–and for all of us. I think I am missing two for my younger kids. Wow, I hope you sleep a little better tonight.

  2. says

    I have thought about making emergency backpacks along these lines so we could just grab them and go. I woke up to the swat team on my street last year complete with a hostage negoiator and mobile command was scar and this is a good reminder I need to be prepared,,

  3. says

    Oh my gosh! As I was reading this I was thinking this can’t be a story from her own life, what is this a story from? I would be so scared not knowing what’s going on. Luckily I have a wonderful husband who is really serious about 72 hour kits and food storage, we don’t have it totally complete, but pretty good for only 2 years of marriage I think.

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    I can’t even imagine how frightening that must have been for all of you. We recently experience wild fires and have to evacuate. While not the same, it had me totally thinking how completely unprepared I was. The experience has put the wheels in motion for me to get organized and prepared.

  5. says

    I cannot believe that happened where you guys live! Seriously, what are the odds!?! I guess I will be getting my 72 hour kits in order, b/c it’s a lot more likely something would happen like that in the city we live in!

  6. says

    Oh, how scary! We had a similar thing happen to us when I was a kid, but they didn’t give us the option of leaving. They found the guy hiding in our garage.

    So glad you’re all safe!


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