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FLAVRZ Healthy and Organic Drink Mix Review

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 I am so excited to introduce you to a company called Flavrz. I had never heard of them and I was so happy that they contacted us to let us know about their product. They specialize in making healthy and organic liquid drink mixes that you stir into water. The mixes are made from pure, organic fruits and botanicals and have no additives or preservatives in them whatsoever. And the best part about them is that they taste DELICIOUS! My family and I had so much fun testing all the different flavors. These drinks are an amazing alternative to sodas and fruit drinks that are loaded with sugar and a whole bunch of ingredients that I can’t even pronounce!
 Flavrz was created by a mom, Karen Barth, who was looking for healthy drink and healthy soda options for her children. Everywhere she turned, she found high-fructose corn syrup, refined sugars, artificial flavors and preservatives, and tons of wasteful packaging material. Until something clicked…Tap water. Real organic fruit. Botanical extracts. Agave nectar. Karen began experimenting at home, not knowing that her creations would evolve into Flavrz. It’s been a delicious, healthy drink journey for Karen and everyone else at Flavrz.

Let’s be honest- I totally have a sweet tooth. And every now and again, I love a sweet drink, but I know how bad they are for me. Thankfully, with Flavrz, I can have my delicious drink and not worry about what it is doing to me . . . it’s the best of both worlds! My kids unfortunately have my “sweet-tooth genetics” and love anything with sugar . . . and this is something that I would serve to them and thankfully not have to worry about what is going into their little bodies! It is a yummy and healthy alternative to all the sugary drinks that kids love. Plus, my kids loved choosing what flavor to mix into their water and watch the water change as they mixed it in.
Besides creating healthy and delicious drink mixes, Flavrz is also dedicated to being an eco-friendly company. Their concentrated formula means less packaging; less fuel used in manufacturing, transportation and recycling; and less plastic waste.
Plus Flavrz supports organic farming and the elimination of pesticides by using only organic ingredients. Their go-green products are healthy for more than just you.
Feel free to check out Flavrz: visit their website to find out more information and to try Flavrz for yourself!
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