All-in-One Organizing Tote Giveaway from Thirty-One- and the perfect job for moms!

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So once upon a time, a local radio station was having a contest . . . when a certain song came on the radio each day, you had to be the 10th caller and you would win $1,000. Well, our mom loves a good contest. Each morning she would wake up and listen for what the song of the day would be and then she would have the radio on wherever she went . . . when that song started playing, each daughter had to be on a different phone line re-dialing the radio station until you no longer heard a busy signal. It was nuts! We were like a family possessed. :)
We did this day after day after day. We were so tired of it and didn’t want to do it anymore (or listen to soft-rock any longer) . . . so my mom said that if we won the money, she would take us to Disneyland. We gave it our all . . . and guess what? We got through a couple of days later as the 10th caller! My mom kept her promise and took us to Disneyland (seriously, what a good mom. Looking back, I totally would have treated myself to a shopping spree! Or new furniture!).
Since then, my outlook has changed on contests and drawings . . . I figure that there has to be a winner- it might as well be me!
What is the moral of this story?
And you should enter!! Nothing to lose, and who knows? You could be the winner!
We are giving away an 
All-In-One Organizer Tote Bag!
And guess what- you don’t have to listen to a soft-rock radio station all day to be the winner!
Here are some great ideas for ways to use this organizer bag . . .
 Our giveaway is sponsored by a company called “Thirty-One”. Have you heard of them?
My darling friend Rachel was actually the one who told me about this company . . . her husband went to Physical Therapy school with my husband and we are now both up to our eyeballs in debt from student loans. However, we both have kids and we just couldn’t make it work for either of us to work outside of the home. Then Rachel told me about this company, “Thirty-One”.  As a consultant of Thirty-One, Rachel is able to work from home, on her own time, and make enough money to help pay the mortgage, pay off student loans, and just give them a little bit of financial “wiggle room”! Every person’s dream, especially during these crazy economic times.
{Here is my cute friend Rachel with her darling little girl}
Anyway, this company is incredible. They carry darling purses, totes, and have a plethora of storage solutions to help organize your life. Plus, all their items make great gifts! Their products are constantly changing with the seasons, so there is always something new.
Another great part about this company is that everything is totally affordable!
Check out the prices and products HERE!
Thirty-One’s Mission Statement:
Our mission is a reflection of this philosophy: to celebrate, encourage and reward women by offering quality products and an outstanding opportunity to become successful business owners. We have seen this mission play out through the years in the individual lives of so many women who now have their own “Thirty-One story.” Many work full-time jobs and use their Thirty-One income to help pay for those extras in life like vacations. Some of our Consultants had a dream to be debt-free and have paid off houses and cars. Others have seen Thirty-One become a lifeline to their families in difficult economic times. Despite all the bad news we hear today, our Consultants are selling at record rates.
So if you are needing the perfect gift or some supplies to help organize or accessorize your life, check out the products on Rachel’s Thirty-One Website.
Do you think that being a consultant is something that you would like to do? Could you use some extra cash just in time for the holiday season? Feel free to contact Rachel at any time:
Now onto the giveaway to win this bag!!


Three super easy ways to enter (you can do as many as you like):
1. Be a follow of Six Sisters’ Stuff on Facebook. Leave a comment here to let us know.
2. Join this site {Six Sisters’ Stuff}- click the button at the top of the right sidebar and leave a comment here to let us know.
3. Check out Rachel’s Thirty-One Website and come back here to leave a comment and let us know what your favorite product is!
Giveaway starts today and goes through Tuesday, October 4th. Winner will be announced on Wednesday, October 5th. 
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  1. says

    And despite my previous comment, I do know how to spell. ;) I love 31 product. I’m a proud carrier of a skirt purse (just switched from dark denim to fun argyle) and have an all in one organizer in both cars.

  2. says

    I’ve had a Thirty one party and love all their stuff! I love the new prints I saw on Rachel’s site, especially Windsor Poppy. The makeup bag is a must have!

  3. says

    I love Thirty-One’s Organizing Utility Tote. I have one already and use it all the time! I also like their thermal bags – I need a bigger one to take on grocery shopping trips.

  4. says

    I like the Picnic Thermal Tote, as it had ‘Monroe Munchies’ on it. It reminds me of my grandchildren who live in Monroe. I sure miss them. All are cute bags! A bag for everything, even the aprons are cute!

  5. says

    I joined your site already, but here to tell you again. That I love love your site. Its so amazing how 6 sisters are able to keep a close relationship. Even though you guys have your own lives and families. Its great to see a close family there aren’t many out there. :)

  6. says

    I love the Rolling tote on Thirty-one. the reason why is I want to go on a trip someday, its really pretty, but most of all it reminds me of my first trip ever out of amarill. See we went on a mission to Juarez New Mexico. We volunteered at a childrens home and built a house for this lovely lovely family. It helped me so much to be thankful for what I have in my life and to appreciate heavenly father for placing me in a home so blessed.

  7. Laura says

    I love free items – but I never ever win contests. Bad luck when it comes to these, I suppose. However, it’s always worth a try! :) I love the ‘organizing utility tote’ and the ‘expand a tote day expander’. My favorite patterns are harvest floral and circle spirals – adorable! Thanks for the chance to enter!

  8. says

    Hi girls! I check out your site all the time, but just now became a follower and ‘liked’ Six Sisters’ Stuff on FB :) Thanks for sharing your great idea’s with those of us who struggle in the creativity department ;)

  9. says

    I made a visit to Thirty-One, how do you choose a favorite? I’ll just start my list, market thermal tote, manicure kit, organizing utility tote, fold & go organizer, rolling tote, 5th avenue, there that’s a start. I had never heard of this company, I’m loving their stuff and the prices are good! This could help me out with Christmas gift ideas :)

  10. says

    I love the organize utility tote – not sure about which pattern fabric I would choose – lots of good ones although I am partial to the colored spirals

    janetvlt at gmail dot com

  11. says

    I am a new follower of your blog on GFC!! I love the thirty one purses!! My favorite so far is the skirt purse because – you can change the outside without going through the hassle of moving your things!! Crossing my fingers that I win this one! An organizer is just what I’m looking for! Thanks! Jess at

  12. says

    I love your story about the soft rock stations contest- you’re Mom really must be a motivated lady! I could just picture you all calling together :) I am now a Facebook follower :)

  13. says

    There are lots of great prints and products that I like! My very fav, lame as it may be, is probably the toilet paper basket with the rod through the top! I could totally use that in our bathroom! :P I like the organizing shoulder bag in grey too :) Thanks again! Hope you all have a nice weekend

  14. says

    And, as a purse/bag/tote fanatic, I just love Thirty One! It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I think my top two favs might be:

    Lil’ Expressions Tote… the Lil’ Expressions line is just too cute!

    Organizing Utility Tote… I think this would be the most helpful for me with a one year old, at least from the looks of it.

    I’d be hard pressed to choose a pattern though. There are so many beautiful ones to choose from. But blue is my favorite color, so I’d probably pick a pattern with a blue in it.

  15. says

    After looking at the Thirty-One website, it’s hard to decide, but I’m digging the hostess aprons.

    Ohhhh, I hope I win! (Amy Brown)

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