Get Your Workout On! {Burn 100 Calories Right Now}

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I am one of those people who thinks that every minute you exercise counts . . . so even if you only have 10 minutes, do this quick workout and burn a couple of calories! I actually did this while my kids played Little People at my feet . . . ha ha! My 4 year old kept asking what as I doing and in-between breaths (okay . . . they were more like gasps) I told her that mom was getting her workout on. :) She joined me for the last few moves . . . it was pretty fun and super easy!
I found this little workout over at The Ultimate Female . . .
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    I do that everyday. I jog in place & around the house. I also do it when my daughter is in the bathtub & stuff like that. I was doing a challenge at my old job & we had to take 10,000 steps a day. I had a pedometer & would just jump, jog & whatever to get the steps in.

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