Get Your Workout On! {Amazing Abs Workout at Home}

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Let’s be honest . . . I love junk food (duh. Have you seen some of the treats on this blog? I swear my thighs grow every time I look at a picture of those Samoa Brownies!). Thankfully our size 6 mother (that’s right- she gave birth to six girls and she seriously wears like a size 6 . . . and she can do the splits . . . and she has a six-pack . . . amazing, right?) instilled a love of being active in each of us. Some of us run marathons, some of us play soccer, some of us go to the gym . . . and some of us have to be creative to find ways to work out at home because our husbands have crazy schedules and we have kids (ME!). So, when I came across this video on You Tube, I tried it and I really liked the workout! Just a couple of minutes, easy to follow, and a great ab workout! You could squeeze this little workout in during naptime, after the kids go to sleep, or while they watch a quick episode of Dora the Explorer. :)
We are going to be featuring some fun workouts on here that are easy for any mom to do at the gym or at home, so stay tuned!!
Happy workout!
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