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Baked Tater Wedges and Utah’s Famous Fry Sauce

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If you are looking for the perfect side dish, look no further. These are a staple at my house (and you probably have all the ingredients on hand to make them right now!). They are so easy to throw together, super inexpensive, and my kids LOVE them. I love that they are baked and not fried- but they still have a “crunch” to them! They also have great flavor. Definitely a keeper!


6 Russet Potatoes cut into lengthwise quarters
6 tablespoons flour
2 teaspoons onion powder
2 teaspoons of garlic powder
2 teaspoons paprika
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon black pepper
4 tablespoons oil (I use olive oil, but vegetable oil and canola oil would work too)

Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Add your oil to a baking sheet with sides.
Cut each potato into 8 wedges. Combine all dry ingredients into bag–either Ziploc or paper,  and add a few potatoes at a time. Shake to coat well. Place the potatoes coated side down into the oil in the pan.
Continue doing this until all the potatoes have been coated and placed in the oil. Bake for about 20 minutes and then pull out and flip over on the other side. Bake for an extra 20 minutes. Pull wedges out of the oven and then sprinkle with alittle kosher salt. Serve hot.
Have you ever heard of
Utah’s Famous PINK Fry Sauce? 
OH. MY. GOODNESS. Once you have tried it, you will never go back. Fries and hamburgers will never taste the same once you have had this! And it compliments these Tater Wedges perfectly! :) (I have heard that many people outside of Utah eat this too . . . I am so happy to hear that it’s not just a Utah thing . . . it’s too good not to share with the world!)
This is how we make it:
2/3 cup mayo (light is fine)
1/3 cup ketchup
Mix together until thoroughly blended.
The great thing about this is you can add more ketchup/mayo to how you like it. I know that some restaurants substitute BBQ sauce for the ketchup, which is really good too! I have also thrown in some relish, which ads a yummy taste. Some people also prefer hot fry sauce and kick it up a notch with Tabasco sauce. I have even heard of people adding a couple drops of liquid smoke or Worcestershire sauce  . . . . basically anything goes! :) Enjoy!
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  1. says

    Thanks for sharing the recipe! As for the pink fry sauce my family has been making it for years, except we call it secret sauce and make it with Miracle Whip instead of Mayo. It’s good with fries and on burgers!

  2. says

    Seriously? Utah’s Famous Fry Sauce? I am 51 years old and have been mixing mayo and ketchup together since I was in diapers and guess what, I’m not from Utah!
    Okay, I’m just giving you a bad time, but seriously not sure why Utah gets to claim the sauce. lol

    • Laura says

      My thought exactly. I’ve been doing this for years and I’ve never been anywhere near Utah-I grew up in Texas! This is not solely a Utah thing. It’s utterly delicious though and I have to say my husband thinks I am wierd for doing it.

  3. says

    I also grew up mixing this same sauce but we added worcestershire sauce and a tad of horseradish sauce… you should try it…. it is AWESOME!!! another great sauce i grew up with is simply ketchup and worcestershire sauce… It is great on pork, chicken and beef.. Anyhow… off to bake some tater wedges!!! lol

  4. says

    I’ve completely changed the way my family eats this year, and I’m allways looking for new recipes that are both healthy and tasty. Thanks for a great recipe to eliminate the frying in fatty oil! A quick tip on how to make these just a little healthier: after you slice the potatoes, soak them for 20 minutes in cold water, then rinse before coating. This will release some of the starch (you’ll actually see it floating in the water)so there won’t be as much for your body to convert to sugar!

  5. says

    This is a very popular sauce in the South and we add pepper to the mayo/ketchup mix. Some folks call it Comeback Sauce. Delish!!! Can’t wait to try this recipe. Thank you so much for posting it!!!

  6. says

    I make my fry sauce with some pickle juice added to it! I live in New Mexico but I was in SLC at a little greek place when I tried it for the first time. Love it!

  7. says

    I like to mix mayo with a little garlic, black pepper, paprika, oregano and a very little bit of ketchup… If you’re not a fan of mayonnaise you probably won’t like it, but I LOVE it with fries, fried chicken, etc… It is really good!

    • says

      Haven’t frozen them before. But that is what the potato wedges that you buy at the store in the freezer section have been cooked before. It may just work!! :) -The Six Sisters

      • Brandy says

        Did you ever try freezing them? I am going to be gone on friday and wanted to do these with the slow cooker french dip sandwiches for my hubby. i figure if all he had to do is throw them in the oven he can handle that! lol If you did did you cook them as the recipe calls let them cool and than freeze or? Any tips would be greatly appreciated! :)

  8. says

    My sister worked at Dairy Queen and she said they add pickle juice to the fry sauce, and that is what makes it taste and look like Dairy Queen and Arctic Circle fry sauce!! Mmm mmm mmm!! :) I love all your recipes and so does my husband!! He even got me the cook book for Easter because he loves all your recipes so much! :)

    • Sherri says

      That is what we do with our fry sauce, add a little pickle juice. And also a little less ketchup for my taste. Oh how I love fry sauce!!

  9. Pam says

    Made the fries & sauce last night to go with the Cheeseburger wraps. Easy & good! The family has asked that this go into the monthly mix of recipes. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Gloria says

    I always thought this was a Burger King thing when I first started working there all the kids did this thought it was gross until I tried it. We never measured a glob of mayo and add some ketchup to your taste. I even got my kids and grandkids eating it.

  11. julie says

    When I lived in Utah many years sgo there was a hamberger joint that msde thrir fry sauce with mayo, Ketchup, and a little buttermilk. It was better than Artic Circle. And I loved artic circle!

  12. Karen Knegten says

    Try eating your fries after dipping in mayo. Have been eating this way for over 50 years. Turns out many in The Netherlands eat them this way as well. My Dutch hubby has always eaten this way too. Imagine the surprise when we figured out we both eat our fries like this and have always done this. It has to be Hellman’s Mayonnaise-NO MIRACLE WHIP. This is actually similar tasting to Potato Salad.

  13. Debbers says

    Utah Fry Sauce? OooOOo Nooooo…we’ve been making this in Oregon for many years! I’m 62, and my Mom made it for years b4 children…This is an Artic Circle Hamburger chain’s “claim-to-fame”….Even the local Dairy Queen makes it now!

  14. Caroline says

    This sauce was served yrs ago in New Mexico. Las Vegas, NM to be exact. A small burger joint called “The Artic Circle” they are no longer open. I’m 48 now and have been eating this fry sauce since I can remember and I’ve never to Utah. People look at me like I’m crazy when I’m sitting there mixing my ketchup and mayo together……lol It’s hilarious. But the sauce is great wherever it was originated…..

    • says

      Here is an FYI from Google search: Famous for their fry sauce. Arctic Circle Restaurants is a chain of burger and shake restaurants based in Midvale, Utah, United States.

    • Greg McKay says

      The Original Arctic circle was located in Midvale Utah. This was the Original marketing of the product we all know now as Fry Sauce. It is a Utah product but can be found all over the world. The original mixes began 75 years or more ago. But it was Arctic circle who first produced and marked the product as a routine supplied product. That was again in Midvale Utah. How ever many fast food chains in Utah carry Fry Sauce were they don’t in any other location in the country. This even included Utah local McDonald’s as well until recently when they decided to keep there supplies uniform to all other locations including utah locations.

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