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I don’t know about you, but Back-To-School time gets crazy around my house. School starts up, dance classes start, soccer season is in full swing . . . it is so busy! I love my crock pot because I can prep the meal in the morning and when I come home, it is ready to eat! We use our slowcooker to make dinner a couple of times a week. I found some easy and delicious recipes that I wanted to try and decided to share them with you too!

Crock Pot Hamburger Patties (who would have thought?? Brilliant!)
And a couple recipes from our blog . . . these are tried and true favorites of ours!!
Slow Cooker Refried Beans (great for making bean burritos)
(and two other recipes! This mom actually did all the prep work for these crock pot meals, threw it in the freezer, and then all she had to do was dump the ingredients into her crock pot and turn it on. I am going to have to try this!)
And of course you need dessert . . .

Looking for more slow cooker recipes?
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