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Pioneer Family Home Evening Lesson

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Happy Pioneer Day!! 
In the great state of Utah, we get two holidays during July- Independence Day on the 4th and Pioneer Day on the 24th. It is a great day for us to celebrate those pioneers who sacrificed so much to settle the West- and another reason to have a big BBQ and light some fireworks! :) I found a couple of little pioneer ideas that my family is going to be using for Family Home Evening and I thought that I would share them . . .

These cute little pioneer people can be found here. I printed out a set for each of my kids (they kind of printed out small- you may want to blow them up) and colored and cut them out. If you print them on cardstock paper and then bend back the little tabs on the dotted lines, you can stand them up (my kids loved that). I was also thinking that these little printed pictures would be cute to use for your Magnet Board. There is also a little background scene that you can print out here. I used these little pictures to talk about how the pioneers crossed the plains in covered wagons pulled by oxen, how they camped out each night under the stars, cooked their food over a fire, gathered sticks for fire wood, and had to walk very far each day to make it to Utah (my kids are 4 years old and 2 years old, so we keep it pretty simple, but it would be easy to go into more detail). 
We then said this cute little poem together (my kids LOVED the actions):

Pioneer Wagons

By Pat Graham

Pioneer wagons are rolling along.
Hands roll around each other
“Push on!” is their song. “Push on!
Palms of hands push away from body
There are rivers to cross
Right arm swoops down low
And mountains to climb.
And continues up high
We’ll never get there if we waste any time.
Pointer finger wags
Push on! Push on! Push on!”
Palms of hands push away from you (three times) 
We then talked about if we were pioneers that had to cross the plains, there were many things that we  might have done, such as:

1. Climbed mountains and crossed rivers. You would have been glad to have water because of the dust and heat.

2. See a herd of buffalo thundering across your path. The buffalo would have provided meat for meals and hides for coverings. And your fire would have burned brightly with buffalo chips.

3. Seen small animals hiding among the bushes. Or perhaps you would even have picked wild berries. How grateful you would have been for something good to eat.

4. Sometimes from your wagon seat your view would have looked like a beautiful painting with tall trees silhouetted against a flaming sunset. Heavenly Father created a beautiful world for each of us to enjoy.
I then found this cute covered wagon wheel to make with the kids. First print and cut out this wagon, then mount on heavy paper. The print and cut out this wheel. Place picture wheel behind covered wagon, matching •s, then attach with brass fastener through center of •s. We talked about each little silhouette and how you would see those things while crossing the plains. Our lessons are pretty short and simple, but the kids loved all the little pictures and interaction.
Hope you have a wonderful Pioneer Day! :)
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  1. says

    Great idea! I celebrated this last weekend at my parents (my home town) with a Pioneer celebration starting at 6:00 am with a dynomite blast! It was also their 50th wedding Anniversary! :)

  2. says

    Having lived away from ‘the motherland’ for quite a few years, an with Pioneer Day just a few days away, I was looking for some pioneer themed FHE ideas for my kids. I was quite surprised to recognize a few of you girls from Jr. High and High School- I wasin the same class as Kristen!

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