Jersey T-Shirt Flower Tutorial

I had an old shirt I wasn’t wanting anymore, so rather than throwing it away, I thought I could use it for a few little “experiments.”  This is probably self explanatory, but here are some steps just in case!

Old shirt
 Supplies: Hot glue, scissors, felt and old shirt
Cut a circle from cardboard or cardstock to use as a pattern.  Mine was 2″ in diameter, but you could make it bigger or smaller, depending on what size you want your finished flower to be.
Cut 2 circles of felt, and 15 circles of fabric.

Fold each circle in half (add a little dab of glue on the inside of the fold to hold it together) and then add a dab of glue in the middle and fold into fourths.
 Add another dab of glue on the corner and attach the tip to the middle of the felt circle.

Continue adding more and more just following the edge of the felt circle.  Attach the point of the “t-shirt” circle to the middle every time.

After, you have added all 15 “t-shirt” circles, you are done!  Super easy!  You can use the other felt circle to attach to a headband, or add a clip for a quick accessory!

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