Emergency Preparedness- Week 12

{If this is your first time reading our Emergency Preparedness Posts, I suggest you start here. We are putting our 72-hour kits together by adding one or two things to it each week.}
Week 12:
Add 1 bar of soap to 72-hour kit.
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  1. says

    This is a very good list! I have been trying to put some together for the last couple of years, but it never really seemed as top of a priority for some reason. Now I have a family of my own and I have to say from my research, I suggest a few things.
    1. rope/ string. I got some from Home Depot- near their loading area they usually have a large thing of twine that you just cut what you need.
    2. If you do cans, make sure not to do pop tabs as those will, well, pop open. It is smarter to add a can opener to both parents backpacks..you never know if you will be separated.
    3. For the kid’s backpacks, find one that rolls. I have a 2 year old and I know she will need just as much stuff- if not more than my hubby and I, so one parent can take her and run while the other carries her pack behind them.
    4. Water proof matches in each parents and the older children’s pack
    5. A small mirror. Used to signal like a plane or you can also start a small fire with it as well.
    6. A map.
    7. For AZ, I recommend an umbrella. Not for the rain, but for the sun. My family pokes fun at me because I bring an umbrella every time we go to an amusement park or the zoo, but every single time all my nieces and nephews crowd under me to get shade relief. In my head, I think if we are going to be stuck and walking, I don’t want the sun beaming down and burning my children (sunscreen helps burning, but it doesn’t stop the suns heat).

    I have also read a great idea to have a 10- 20 gallon bin on wheels or a large suit case or wagon for the adults to bring around or load in a car filled with more essentials (food) for the family and to finish that off first on top of 72 hour kits so that if your kit needs to become a week kit, it can. As the container empties, you use it for other things, scavenging, or if it is a wagon, give the smaller kid a break from walking.

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