The Birthday Balloon Wreath

I am always looking for fun ways to make my kids’ birthdays more special . . . I originally saw this idea over on How Does She? and I fell in love with it! I knew that I had to make one for myself! It was really easy and pretty inexpensive. And look how cute it is!

Here is what you need to make one:

Balloons (I used 320 7″ balloons)

Floral Pins

-A straw wreath (I purchased an 18″ wreath on Amazon for pretty cheap). Keep the plastic wrap on it.

Now comes the fun part . . . take a floral pin and slide it over the middle of the balloon. Poke it into the wreath so that it is nice and tight . . . and repeat . . . and repeat . . . and repeat . . .

If you happen to have your sisters in town (like I do!! Yey for sister time!!), put them to work!! :)

Just keep poking those balloons in until the entire wreath is full.

And there you go! Ready to put on the door for the next birthday! I am always looking for ways to make birthdays more special and I think that this will make my kids even more excited for when their birthday rolls around. It is a super fun and super easy birthday tradition.

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  1. says

    Hi! I’m married to your cousin Rob, and found out about your blog through Lindsey. I LOVE all your ideas and yummy recipes! I am definitely going to make this wreath for my boys’ birthdays, they will love it!

  2. says

    love this idea! found your blog through clean and scentsible. i am always looking to make birthdays more special. i have a box of bday decorations/toys/books, etc that only come out a few weeks before each birthday. my eldest is only 3, but i know she will love the tradition in a few years of having those special items out for her special day!

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