Anthropologie-ish "Beach" T-shirt Upcycle Necklace

The cute girls over at Wayward Girls’ Crafts are featuring our blog today and have given each sister a challenge . . . we have to come up with a cute craft to show on our blog and our theme for the crafts is “Beach”. Considering I live in a very land-locked state (Utah), we don’t make it to the beach much. But if I did live on a beach, I think that I would always wear comfy, flowing sundresses. Since my sewing skills aren’t so hot, I knew that it would be hard to whip up a lovely sundress . . . so I went with the next best thing- an accessory! If I lived on a beach, I would totally want easy, carefree jewelry. I came across this necklace over at Kojo Designs and knew that this was my perfect Beach craft!
 Isn’t that just screaming “Take me to the beach”?? :) I think so. The tutorial over at Kojo Designs is super easy to follow with great pictures. Mine is just a little bit different than hers, but if you do make one, I highly recommend heading over to her blog for a great step-by-step guide!
 I have seen a lot of T-shirt necklace tutorials out there and they all start the same way- take an old t-shirt and cut 1/2″-3/4″ strips. Once you have cut the strip, it should make a long skinny loop. Take that loop and stretch it out as far as you can- that is how you get the “tube” shape that you need for this project. I used 9 loops/strips to make my necklace.
 With five of the loops, I cut each loop along one side seam so that I had one long strip of t-shirt. I then threaded 1-2 beads on each strip. I tried to stagger them. (I got my beads at Wal-Mart on the craft aisle- you can get a large container of wooden bins for $5- I think that they are meant for kid’s crafts, but they worked perfectly for this! And they are definitely priced right!)
 I found that it was easier to thread the beads on if I put a piece of tape on the end to make it come to a “point”. :)
 At this point, I held the necklace up to me and realized that it was going to be SUPER long, so I trimmed the tubes down quite a bit. My t-shirt tubes were each about 22-24″ long. Once you kind of figure out your length, sew the ends of your tubes together. I just did it by hand with a needle and thread.
 Now you should still have a couple of t-shirt tubes leftover.Take three of them, tie a knot at the top, and braid them together. Tie a knot at the bottom. I ended up trimming my braid down to about 17″ so that my necklace wasn’t super long.
(Sorry, I don’t have any pictures for the next few steps, but it is pretty easy. I will just try to explain it as best as I can, but if you are confused, head over to Kojo Designs for a clear explanation.)
Take your last t-shirt tube. Cut it along both side seams so that you have two separate strips. Take one of those strips and tie a knot around one end of the necklace (that is sewed together) and one end of the braid. Once you have tied the knot, start wrapping the rest of that strip around and around so that you cover up the ends of both the strips and the braid. When you run out of t-shirt and can’t wrap it around anymore, tie a little knot and snip it off. Repeat on the other side.
 All done! It takes less than 30 minutes and is incredibly cute . . . and BEACH-y, right?! :)
 I totally think so!
Definitely one of my favorite necklaces for summer!
Thanks for the great idea, Kojo Designs!

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