Free Paper Doll Printables! {Perfect Quiet Activity!}

I just have to share these because they are so dang cute! I was searching the web for something new to take to church tomorrow in our “Quiet Bag” and came across this darling blog with all these cute paper dolls! And best of all, they are FREE! You just print them out and are good to go! I am thinking that I am going to print them off on cardstock, laminate them, and then put a magnet on the back so that we can use them on our Magnet Boards.
 Click here for the Slumber Party Dolls
 Click here for the Fairy Tale Paper Dolls
 Click here for the Christmas Paper Dolls
 Click here for the Boy Halloween Paper Doll
 Click here for the Girl Halloween Paper Doll
Click here to Decorate a Christmas Tree
**So, these PDF files can be downloaded through Scrib’d. I can’t remember for sure, but I think that the first time you use it is free (it has been so long since the first time I used it that I can’t remember!). . . after that, I think that you have to pay to use it, either $5 a day or $9 a month to download these files . . . I still feel that it is a good deal, even if you just pay the $5 for one day. Or, if you don’t want to pay, you can upload a document of your own to share with the Scrib’d community. You can then print off as many files as you like (once you have paid or uploaded a document of your own). . . I am thinking that I might have to print off enough for my little girl and all my nieces . . .Linking up to these fun parties!
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  1. says

    Hi thank you for linking back to my blog!

    I know recently the issue with Scribd too, I just can’t remember when they started asking for money to download… By the way thank you that you explain about this to your readers too!

  2. Amanda Crump says

    I would love for you to email these paper dolls to me. I wanted to print all but the elf and tree. Thank you for your time and efforts! I now have your book and am loving it!

    • Cyd says

      Just click on the title under each picture. That will take you to the blog where the paper dolls are from. Then click on download, you can print them yourself. No emailing required. You can do it all from your own computer.

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