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We received the Versatile Blogger Award!  My cute friend Whitney linked this to us and we are so excited!
The rules of accepting the award are as follows:1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them.

Thanks Whitney for this award!  You have such a cute family and so many darling ideas!  We don’t know much about the blogging world yet, so we are so happy!  We’ll be following your blog!
2.  Tell 7 things about yourself.
Well, since there are six of us that should take up the bulk of this!
1.  Camille is the oldest.  She manages to cook, clean, sew, craft, shop, manage church callings and look gorgeous all while taking care of her cute son and daughter!  Her husband is a physical therapist and they love spending time together as a family.
2.  Kristen is currently living in Missouri while her husband is in medical school.  She is the president of a club at her husband’s university over all of the student body!  She runs marathons, triathalons, 5ks, and pretty much any race she can find all while raising her two darling daughters!
3.  Elyse is currently living in California as a summer sales widow.  Her family will be relocating to Provo in the fall for her husband’s master’s program.  She loves to play with her cute little boy, go on walks, exercise, and bake!  She’s hoping her husband hits it big this summer because she has a lot of decorating plans in mind!
4.  Stephanie is currently a junior in college.  She is very busy working two jobs and maintaining a social life!  She definitely knows how to shop and has an amazing wardrobe to show for it!  She loves herself some Grey’s Anatomy or any other chick flick.
5.  Lauren is a senior in high school.  She is a student body officer, dating machine and cute tennis player!  There are very few moments where she is sitting around with nothing to do!  She always looks cute, even for always being on the run!
6.  Kendra is the youngest, and from what I’ve been told, the prettiest! :)  She is a sophomore in high school and will be an officer this year with Lauren.  She is the stylish one in the family!  We always know what trends are in after hanging out with Kendra! She is very athletic and is a very competitive soccer player.
7.  We have the best, most loving parents in the world!  They are so patient to put up with all 6 of us.  I don’t know how my dad didn’t give us away after all the fights over borrowing clothes, curfew and boys.  We look up to them and love them so much!
3.  Pay it forward and award the Versatile Blogger to 15 recently discovered new bloggers.
Nikki over at Chef-n-Training has some AMAZING recipes!
Abby at  My Yellow Sandbox is a new favorite! We’re addicted to her 30 day hair challenge!
We LOVE the Dating Divas!  So many good ideas on how to date your spouse!
Eisy Morgan has so many cute ideas!  From beauty tips to decorating!
Flamingo Toes has the CUTEST Anthropologie knock-off jewelry and accessories!  Love these tutorials!
Eat, Pray, Love, Craft has some of the most darling home decorating ideas and tutorials!
Amanda over at Deja Vu Crafts has tons tutorials from crafts to repurposing!
We could spend HOURS looking at Nifty Thrifty Things!  So many awesome ideas!
Tater Tots and Jello has some of our favorite recipes!  We have tried so many of their tutorials and other ideas! This doesn’t really count because it isn’t a “new” blog, but it’s a fave!
Our cousin-in-law, Katie, has an awesome blog called Notes From a Very Red Kitchen.  This girl can make just about anything and is so creative!
Activity Mom has TONS of great ideas to entertain your kids on a budget!
Obsessed with Uber Chic for Cheap.  I wish I had an eye for fashion like this girl!  Best of all, she does it on a budget!! Love it!
Mandi at Vintage Revivals makes knock-offs that are better than the real thing!  Love everything on this blog!
Lolly Jane Boutique has some awesome ideas for organizing in style!  Would kill to have their skills!
Lil’ Luna is such a fun blog!  Tons of craft ideas, recipes and more!
Check out all these fun links!  Thanks again, Whitney!
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