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Six Girls . . . no boys. Seriously, what are the odds of that happening?
Growing up we might have had our share of petty fights over clothes, make-up, and even boys . . . but now we are the best of friends and this blog is just one more way for all of use to stay in touch.
Here is a little info about all of us:
*  Camille is the oldest.  She has a little girl and a little boy, so life as a stay-at-home mom is busy!  Her husband recently graduated from school and started his career as a physical therapist. They just bought their first house and are trying to decorate it and furnish it on a budget while paying off student loans.
* Kristen is currently living in Missouri while her husband is in medical school.  She is the president of a club at her husband’s university that oversees the entire student body!  She runs marathons, triathalons, 5Ks, and pretty much any race she can find all while raising her two darling daughters!
*  Elyse is currently living in California as a summer sales widow.  Her family will be relocating to Utah in the fall for her husband’s master’s program.  She loves to play with her cute little boy, go on walks, exercise, and bake!  She’s hoping her husband hits it big this summer because she has a lot of decorating plans in mind!
*  Stephanie is currently a junior in college.  She is very busy working two jobs and maintaining a social life!  She definitely knows how to shop and has an amazing wardrobe to show for it!  She loves herself some Grey’s Anatomy or any other chick flick.
*  Lauren is a senior in high school.  She is a student body officer, dating machine and cute tennis player!  There are very few moments where she is sitting around with nothing to do!  She always looks cute, even for always being on the run!
*  Kendra is the youngest, and from what we’ve been told, the prettiest (last the best of all, right?)! :)  She is a sophomore in high school and will be an class officer this year with Lauren.  She is the stylish one in the family!  We always know what trends are in after hanging out with Kendra! She is very athletic and is a very competitive soccer player.
*  We have the best, most loving parents in the world!  They are so patient to put up with all 6 of us.  I don’t know how my dad didn’t give us away after all the fights over borrowing clothes, curfew and boys.  We look up to them and love them so much!
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  1. says

    I am totally following you, thanks for stopping by and following me! I LOVE that you have all girls! My husband and I have three girls and man o’ man, I think your parents need an award! ;)

    I look forward to following and learning more about you all!!


  2. says

    Hi there!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and following/leaving a comment.
    Wow, six sisters? How cool is that! I grew up with only one sister, and although she is the best, it would have been pretty neat to have more. I, myself, have 5 daughters (and 4 sons!) and I hope that my five girls grow up to be the best of friends just as you and your sisters are!
    Happy to be your newest follower :)

  3. says

    What a nice way to keep the bond going…blogging together! I have a sister who is miles away from me and I really miss her so! She’s in your part of the world (USA) while I am in Asia…

    Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  4. says

    Hi, just stopping by to see if you still wanted to do the give away. I have had issues with my email so wanted to make sure u all didn’t think I was ignoring you. I hope my email is working well now.

  5. says

    I just discovered your wonderful blog through a recipe posted on Pinterest, and I love it! Believe it or not, I am the second oldest of six girls and no boys! Families of six girls are a rare and wonderful thing… :) I will definitely be back!

    • says

      I too found this blog through a Pinterest recipe. I come from a family of 6 girls and no boys as well, but I’m second to the youngest! They are rare families, but wonderful as you said

  6. says

    Great blog :) Discovered you via pinterest. It’s great to see another girl tribe, I have 7 daughters & a 3 month old baby boy – he’s very outnumbered! Look forward to trying your recipes :)

  7. says

    I just came across your blog by following a link to your Nutella Banana Bread (just came out of the oven and smells SO good!)

    I am a SAHM in Missouri and I have 6 daughters! (though, I also have 2 fabulous sons as well)

  8. says

    Oh my GOSH! I love the idea of sisters having a blog together! How incredilby FUN :) You are all darling.Darling!!! Thanks for linking up to the “about you” linky party.

  9. k jones says

    i am the youngest of seven girls, no boys and love your blog as well. i just found out about it today from a friend. aren’t sisters fun? :) can’t wait to read more!

  10. says

    New Follower through the Weekend Blog Hop, I love your blog already! What a unique way stay connected with each other. Looking forward to linking up.

  11. Brooklyn Neely says

    This is so funny! I am one of 6 girls myself! My dad kept trying for that boy haha! I have an older sister, Brittany (27), a twin sister, Brandi (24), Brianne is a junior in high school, Ashley is 13, and Angelina is 3! So spread out and so much fun! I am a new fan of the blog and will be adding it to my favs! God bless you all and your families!!

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