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Tulle Flower Tutorial

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I know that it looks like a huge blob on top of her head- this headband looks better when her hair is down. :)

I found this tutorial a while ago and decided that Brynlee needed some. :) A girl can never have enough hair bows/flowers, right? :) They are really easy to make, but I did a couple of things differently:
1. In the tutorial, she used satin. I used chiffon and some other synthetic material . . . you can use any kind of material as long as it has some kind of synthetic material in it- that is what will make your edges burn and curl up.
2. I used 5 layers of flower instead of just three.

3. Mine are only about 3 1/2″ in diameter instead of 5 1/2″. You can go as big (or small) as you like!

Now I need to go make some to match her Easter dress! (Don’t tell Jare I am making more . . . he just doesn’t understand! Ha ha ha!)

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