Cafe Rio Sweet Pork

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Camille gave me this recipe and we love it!  We use it in burritos, salads, quesadillas and even sandwiches!  It is so easy and makes a ton!
3 lb. pork
16 oz. chunky salsa
1 can Dr. Pepper
2 c. brown sugar
Put pork in crockpot and fill halfway with water.  Cook 4 hours on high.  Drain water, cut pork in thirds, mix together sauce and pour on top.  Cook 4 more hours on low.  Drain liquid and shred pork.  Save a little liquid and mix it in with the pork so it is really moist.  Enjoy!
I could use one of these salads right about now!  Mmm!  Thank-you Cafe Rio!
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    This recipe sounds really interesting! Thinking of giving it a try when my husband gets back from his business trip. I came to check out your site after you found mine through the blog hop. I love your concept! It really makes me want to make my sisters a part of my own blog. I’m now a GFC and Facebook follower.

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    @Zitting Zoo- I have tried this recipe with Coke (and it’s still so good), but I have heard that Diet Coke doesn’t taste as good . . . something about the “diet” ingredients not producing the same yummy flavor (I think that the sugar plays a big role in why this is so good!). But, you never know! If you try it, let us know!

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