Old Jeans Refashion!

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I have had these pants for like 3 years in hopes of someday fitting into them.  I finally did but they are just too long and I hate having to wear heels when I’m just running errands! So, today while I was packing for our vacation I realized I have NO shorts that fit now that I’m out of my “fat newlywed” stage.  I decided to turn this lovely pair of jeans into some shorts!
I tried them on and cut them about an inch or so past my knee cap so there was enough to do a thicker hem.
Turned them inside out, pinned the jeans where I wanted the hem to go and sewed away!
I add a little “personality” to them…. actually I had a little overlap issue and covered it up with some crazy sewing!
And now I’ll be rocking the mom shorts!
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  1. Anonymous says

    I love your little blue jean skirt. The flowers are adorable and I will try and do this project. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Shelia in Tennessee

  2. says

    Sweet- totally doing this! Lol I have the same problem with my jeans except they’re too SHORT! And flooding-jeans aren’t exactly the style anymore =P Love the shorts length too!

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