My Church Bag Ideas

Here is what I keep in my church bag . . . keep in mind that it is for an almost 2 year old boy and almost 4 year old girl. The first thing is this cute wooden bear puzzle . . . I saw another family playing with it at church and came home that afternoon and googled it. :) Anyway, here is one on Amazon- they make both a girl one and a boy one and it comes with like 18 different pieces to change in and out.

Tons and tons of finger puppets! I got some great ones at IKEA, some on eBay, and some mom picked up for me at that Barn Boutique. Anyway, these entertain everyone, including Dad. :)

Gel bugs/animals. I don’t know why my kids love these, but they are seriously the favorite church toy. I just got them at Wal-Mart- they are $1 for a pack of 10-12 little animals.

Chalkboards- they have TONS of these at Dollar Tree right now. You just need a baby wipe to wipe the chalk dust off the church bench. Ha ha!

La Di Dolls- I love these little flannel cut outs. We have one of the dolls and the little house, but here is a cute Noah’s Ark that would be great for a boy or girl!

Our killer Monster Puppets! Brynlee is just beginning to appreciate these!

Pez! Random, I know. I don’t even have the candy that goes in them- my kids just love to play with them. Dollar Tree always has funny ones.

Have you ever seen these? There used to be a show on Nick Jr called Oobi. The whole show was people’s hands with these eyes and Brynlee LOVED it. She thought it was hilarious. So, I found them on eBay and she keeps herself (and everyone around us) entertained with them. Here are some for really cheap . . .

We got a lot of them! :)

I keep everything in heavy duty zip lock bags, locked away in the closet so that they can’t play with these toys during the week- they are special for church. On Sunday morning, I grab a couple of bags and off we go! That way they get different toys every week.

A couple of other things that are staples in our bag:
-Pipe cleaners: Bryn loves to make letters/shapes with them. Throw in a bag of Froot Loops and she will string them on the pipe cleaner for almost half of sacrament meeting. :)
-Stickers: I buy a huge pack of stickers and just let the kids go crazy sticking them on papers (and for some reason they love to stick them on me!)
-Cars/Figurines: I always try to hit up the Dollar Store for little things we can take to church. I usually let Mason bring one or two Matchbox cars and I have found all the little Toy Story and Sesame Street figurines at my Dollar Tree store. Target also has a great dollar section and I have found a couple of little things there.

Well, there are my ideas! Please post yours soon! :)

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