Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness- Water Storage

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I can’t take the credit for this idea because Mom has done it as long as I can remember and I know that Kristen used to do this when she lived in SLC . . .
but something that I do to store water is save all my empty plastic juice containers, wash them out, and fill them back up with water. Mom used to do this will empty soda pop bottles, but we don’t really drink that much. I think that any plastic containers would work just fine, just as long as you do it! I think that I would not survive for long without water . . . not only to drink, but to be clean! And to brush my teeth (I am such a wimp)! :) I know that when natural disasters happen, sometimes it takes a long time to get water, so it is smart to have some on hand. When we moved a couple of months ago, we dumped out all our containers and brought them with us and then when we got settled, we filled them all up again.
The nice thing about juice containers is that you can lay them down and stack them on one another. We keep ours under the stairs (or when we lived in an apartment, we kept them on the floor of a storage closet). Anyway, a little water storage is better than none! So fill up some containers this week with water! :)
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