Easy Easter Egg Wreath

I saw a wreath similar to this in a Family Circle magazine, but they had used origami paper . . . I have seen a couple of people using fabric and Mod Podge to decorate Easter Eggs, so I thought that I could give this a try. So- here is what you need:

-12 Easter eggs (I bought a pack of 18 of them for $1 at Dollar Tree)
-Fabric to cover your eggs (I used 4 different colors and used 1/8 yard of fabric of each color)
-Wire (I have super skinny wire in the picture- I learned the hard way that it doesn’t work. I ended up buying some 19 gauge wire and it worked great. I got it at the craft store for $1.99)
-Wire cutters
-Mod Podge and paint brush

First, poke a hole in each end of each egg. Fortunately for me, my eggs already had holes in them. You will then want to make a template for the fabric that will cover your eggs. You will need 6 template shapes per egg. This shape is 3 3/4″ long and 1 1/8″ wide (at it’s widest point). I just kind of free-handed it and drew a shape like this . . . I hope that makes sense. If not, email me and I will mail you a copy of my template. :) I had 3 eggs in each color and you need 6 pieces of fabric per egg . . . so I cut out 18 pieces of each color of fabric to cover all my eggs. I folded my fabric over so that I could cut out about 6 pieces at a time . . . it went a lot faster that way.

Also, when you cut out your fabric, make tiny little cuts around the edge of each one so that it lays even on your egg and you won’t have random folds/bumps of fabric on the egg.

Next, Mod Podge like crazy! I was a sticky mess! After the Mod Podge Disaster of 2010, I made a vow to myself that I could never Mod Podge again . . . but this project was perfect for me because the Mod Podge did not have to be perfect. The messier the better! Just Mod Podge each piece of fabric onto the egg and smooth out the folds and wrinkles with your fingers. You might notice that I have an extra egg in the picture . . . I learned the hard way that if you have light fabric (like yellow), make sure you use a light-colored egg (unlike bright green) or else it shows through the fabric and looks like a gross color (see the ugly colored egg in the middle? One of these things is not like the others . . .). Ha ha!

Once your eggs are dry, string your wire through the holes of the eggs. Make sure each egg faces the same direction or it might look weird. Leave about 1″ of extra wire at each end . . .

. . . so that you can wrap the ends around each other like this!

Tie a ribbon around where your wire connects and hang it up! Easy and cheap!

And someday we will replace our lovely glass door from 1995 . . . Ha ha! Until then, just try to ignore it and look at the cute wreath. :)

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