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Stoplight Nightlight

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This is the BEST invention ever! It’s called the “Stoplight Sleep Enhancing Clock”. Basically you set the alarm for what time you want your child to get out of bed in the morning. The red light then comes on- and stays on until it’s the time you set for your child to get up, and then it changes to green. We have now had it for 3 weeks and it has been MAGIC! Brynlee would sometimes wake up WAY too early, so we got this hoping that even if she did wake up, she would just stay in her bed and maybe even fall back asleep and it has worked like a charm! She will come running out of her room when the light changes to green yelling, “Time to wake up!! The light is green!!” It is awesome. I am excited that we bought it before summertime because even though it is light outside super early in the morning, Brynlee will know to stay in her bed.
I paid about $30 for it on, but sometimes it goes on sale for $25. They also sell it on It is worth every penny.
(Also, the yellow light can be left on as just a glowing nightlight)
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