Little Part of Heaven Sandwich

So I have been trying really hard to eat healthy ever since the New Year. I’m also entered in a couple of races. The First one is just a 5K in March. The Second one is a Half Marathon in the middle of April in the State of Kansas! YEAH! The Third one… believe it or not is a Triathlon on the 30th of April. It is a sprint Triathlon but I am still VERY VERY Nervous and VERY VERY excited! 6 laps in the pool, 8 mile bike, and a 2 mile run. I wish you guys were here to train and do it with me! Anyways, back to eating healthy.

I came up with a Little Part of Heaven Sandwich. :)

Whole Wheat Ciabatta bread (rolls)
Swiss Cheese (or any kind of cheese you want)
Ham or Turkey
an Egg (egg whites)
red onion
little bit of mayo (miracle whip is what I use)
honey Mustard

I first preheat my oven to broil. Then I get a small pan frying pan on the stove and heat it to high. Once the pan is hot I get my raw egg and get the yolk out. (Ammon keeps his in with is low cholesterol :) Then I cook my egg in the pan so it is small enough to fit on my sandwhich. While it is cooking, I put my cheese on my bread and broil it on a cookie sheet for 2 minutes. Any longer and the edges burn.
Then I just start putting my sandwhich together! I eat it with my green smoothie and I have all my veggies for the day! The end. Love you girls!

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