Happy and Sad

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The other night, I was talking to my neighbor about eating dinner together as a family. She started telling me about her family’s new dinner tradition . . . while they are eating, they go around the table and each person shares something about their day that made them happy and something about their day that made them sad. Her little girl in elementary school opens up about friends that made her sad at recess, but her teacher that makes her feel happy when she tells her good job . . . her preschool-age son talks about his toys that make him happy and how he is sad when he can’t go outside when it rains, etc, etc. She also said that it is fun for the kids to listen to mom and dad and what makes them happy and sad.
I thought that this is a great idea- a fun way to get your kids talking and open up. And it seems like this is something that you could start at a young age because it is easy for even young children to understand what makes them happy and sad.
So, I think that this is something I am going to start doing too. Who knows? It might be kind of fun! :)
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